PowerShell Execution Policy

Restricted: Individual cmdlets can run, but not saved Powershell scripts. This is the default setting.
AllSigned: Scripts can run, but must have a digital signature even if written on the local computer. Prompts you before running scripts from trusted publishers.
RemoteSigned: Scripts written on the local computer do not need a digital signature, but any script downloaded from outside (email, IM, Internet) must have a signature to execute.
Unrestricted:: Any script can run, but scripts downloaded from outside will run with a warning.


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PowerShell spec symbol

` Plain backtick, classic word-wrap symbol (See example 1)

`t 'T' for tab

`n 'N' for new line

`r 'R' for return as in carriage return

Backtick also has distant cousins who I have heard about, but never met.

`a Alert

`b Backspace

`0 (Zero) Null

`' Speech mark

`" Another speech mark

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